CSF 2016

2016 Community Supported Ferments, CSF


What is a CSF?

Following the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, Chugach Farm has decided to create Alaska’s first Community Supported Ferments (CSF) shares. CSF’s are a way to get delicious, nutritious fermented food regularly throughout the growing season and beyond. Purchasing a CSF share secures your bi-monthly allotment of varied fermented food including, but not limited to sauerkraut, kimchi, carrot/beet combos, lacto pickles, kombucha, kvass, and more! Nearly everything can be fermented.

A CSF share provides a direct link between farmer and consumer. As a shareholder, you are investing in the farmer and supporting the future of local food in Alaska.

Fermenting food gives the farmer more opportunities to succeed. As weather patterns shift and become more unpredictable, fermenting food becomes an even more viable way to put up and store food throughout the year.

All of the ingredients in our ferments are grown beyond organic standards at Chugach Farm in Chickaloon, AK. We believe that to provide the most nutrient dense food available, it must be grown here, not flown here.

Why Fermented Food?

Fermented food kept our ancestors healthy. Before refrigeration, fermentation was the preferred way to preserve food. Fermented foods are alive and contain probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that are more available and better assimilated than eating the raw foods themselves.  Eating fermented food regularly improves digestion, assists in perfecting the acid/alkaline balance, and contains essential amino acids that contribute to healthy body function and overall wellness.

Why Chugach Farm?

We have been fermenting food at Chugach Farm for over a decade. We have tried and tested many recipes and are ready to offer them to you! We truly believe that fermented foods have transformed our health. We want to share that with you. We want to empower you to make some ferments of your own. It’s time to Ferment the Future!

How much do shares cost?

Prices include a refundable jar deposits of $1.50 per half pint/pint/quart.

A Full Share includes 2 pints (or the equivalent) of fermented food 2x month from May through September.

Full share cost is $425.

A Half Share includes 1 pint (or the equivalent) 2x month from May through September.

Half shares cost $225.


Purchasing a CSF share is more economical than purchasing the same product at market every week. A CSF share also provides products NOT available at market, new and exciting flavors, and more variety.

Returning jars weekly is greatly appreciated and highly recommended. Jar returns will be recorded, so deposits can be appropriately returned at the end of season.

Pick up will be at Chugach Farm or the Spenard Farmers Market on Saturdays from

9-2pm. A Palmer location or drop off will be determined.

Pick up dates will be announced. Earlier and later dates will be available depending on the growing season. Please contact us if interested.


To sign up email us at: chugachfarm@gmail.com

Limited spots are available and are expected to fill quickly.


We look forward to fermenting for you!



-Allie and Jed


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