Workshops are offered throughout the summer and fall.  Some workshops fill up fast, so being on the “list” early is important. Other workshops require a certain number of people to be able to run them and book more slowly. Please continue to check in throughout the season so you don’t miss out. If you are interested in a particular workshop, send us an email or give a call.


Root Cellar Construction and Design
Backyard Chicken Layers
Fermented Foods
Wild Plants, Medicine, and Food
Cyser, Mead and Kombucha Brewing
Gluten-Free Baking in an Earth Oven
How to Build an Earth Oven
Allie mixing clay and sand for earth oven
Allie mixing clay and sand for earth oven
Jed setting bricks for earth oven floor











Allie also speaks at various conferences. If you are interested in scheduling, please contact her at:

More information:

Check out the following publications for more information on homestead living and root cellars:

Peak Magazine June 2011- Article written about Jed and Allie’s Homestead, Nature’s Song: Couple plants sustainability and nets self-sufficiency (pgs. 21-23).

Case study of Allie and Jed’s Root Cellar included in: The Complete Guide to Your New Root Cellar: How to Build an Underground Root Cellar by Julia Fryer(pg.75).